Monday, November 14, 2011

1968 Camaro Specifications and Restoration - The Classic Muscle Car Review

1968 Camaro Convertible in the event "2007 Hot Rod  Power" Tour Day

1968 Camaro Interior View

On release of the Camaro in the second year have been stealing horses interest car enthusiasts. Since its emergence in a style that is almost the same, sometimes people find it difficult to distinguish between the 1967 Camaro with 1968 Camaro. If you observe closely, then you will see a significant difference between removed windows and add the side markers to match the new regulations concerning the safety of the federal system. The light on the 1968 Camaro was made unanimously in the lattice while the 1967 Camaro Rectangular shaped. In addition, using the 1968 edition Camaro powered engine 350 horsepower 396 cubic-inch version and a big block V8. 

1968 Camaro Red - Front Left View Picture

1968 Camaro configuration is also different from the previous year. Unlike the Chevelle is issuing two kinds of bodies Coupe and Convertible, 1968 Camaro only issued one type of vehicle for the Super Sport Coupe. For use on Rally Sport can be adjusted to the position of hidden lights to be added as a separate packaging of each model. 

1968 Camaro Red - Front Right View Picture

1968 Camaro Red Interior View 

Interior 1968 Camaro equipped with a system of optional seating arrangements. You can change the position of bucket seats or bench seats, both available in a variety of styles and colors that you can choose according to taste. This type uses standard interior color Red, Black, White, Blue or Gold Ivy

1968 Chevrolet Camaro RS SS Spects at Brocure or Leaflet

If you order a type of interiors of luxury, you will receive a uniquely shaped door panels with arm rests and seat comfortweave are available with a choice of colors Black, Blue, Aqua, Red, or Gold Ivy Pearl. Types are rarely found is the choice of interior colors with a unique fold-colored Pearl, Black or White. Also rare is also available which can be folded down rear seat

1968 Camaro Coupe - Classic Muscle Car - Front Right View

1968 Camaro Blue Interior - Driver Seat View

Other facilities that can be found on the interior is the presence of an optional console without Tuxedo different gauges including the Blue Grotto, Island Teal, Ermine White, Fathom Blue, Golden Greek, Ash Gold, Rallye Green, Teal Blue, Tripoli Turquoise, Maroon cordovan , Seafrost Green, Covette Bronze, Palomino Ivory, Green Sequoia, LeMans Blue, Butternut Yellow Green, or English. 

1968 Chevrolet Camaro SS Red - Rear Angle View

In the main engine, the base strength of the 1968 Camaro is contained in one of two available six cylinder engine. This type of shaped V8 engine 4-speed transmission, two-speed Powerglide transmission is standard and a three-speed Turbo Hydramatic for other options. 

1968 Camaro Convertible - Right Side View

1967 Chevrolet Camaro Interior - Wheel Drive View

Several options on the 1968 Camaro: 
1968 Super Sport Camaro, 1968 Camaro Standard Sport Coupe, 1968 Camaro Rally Sport with the position of hidden lights, 1968 Camaro Super Sport Rally type RS / SS, 1968 Camaro Rally Sport Z/28, 1968 Camaro Z/28 

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