Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bank Hall Classic Car Show 2012

DESPITE having to compete with this year's Woodvale Rally the organisers of the Bank Hall Classic Car Show still managed to attract a healthy number of classics to help raise funds for a stately home's restoration.

The show, held by the Friends of Bank Hall group to help fund the restoration of Bank Hall in Bretherton, Lancashire, enticed enthusiasts to take a look at a diverse range of cars and bikes, including everything from an Austin Seven, through Austin Healeys, Triumphs and MGs, to modern day motors like a very tidy Jaguar XJR.

In fact, it was a Jaguar owner who managed to pull off the most spectacular entrance to a show I've seen this year by managing to blow a hose on a V12 E-Type at just the right moment, pulling into the picturesque walled garden venue in a cloud of steam!

Life On Cars took these pictures at the show:

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