Monday, January 14, 2013

The return of the Corvette Stingray

HISTORY has a habit of repeating itself. Here's proof of that in automotive form; fifty years after the fabulous Corvette Sting Ray emerged, there's now a new one on the way.

Chevrolet reckons its new Corvette Stingray - don't worry grammar pedants, it became a single word back in the late Sixties - is the rightful heir to one of the best known names in the sports car business, although whether or not it'll be a hit with sports car fans on this side of the Pond is another matter. There's no doubt, however, that it shares one crucial trait with the split-window orginal, however; the latest Corvette looks, for want of a better word, stunning.

General Motors North America President Mark Reuss said: "Like the ’63 Sting Ray, the best Corvettes embodied performance leadership, delivering cutting-edge technologies, breathtaking design and awe-inspiring driving experiences.

"The all-new Corvette goes farther than ever, thanks to today’s advancements in design, technology and engineering."

The new 'Vette might still be made out of plastic in a factory in Kentucky and it might still be powered by a General Motors V8 engine but the car's makers say it'll be little bit better than its predecessor in just about every way, promising more performance, sharper handling and - wait for it - better fuel economy. GM have also said they weren't prepared to revive the Corvette Stingray unless they make a car good enough to wear the name with pride, so hopes are high it'll have the substance to match its Baywatch style.

The new Corvette goes on sale later this year in America, and odds are over here not too long after that. If it's as fun-packed and keenly priced as the Camaro Convertible Life On Cars drove last year, the Stingray should be a bit of a hit.

I'll have mine in right-hand-drive, please.

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