Monday, May 21, 2012

6th annual West Coast all AMC car show at the NHRA museum

Finally a 2nd SC/Rambler is found in So Cal

I don't know what the hell tri-poised power is.. .does anyone? And I hadn't heard of the 327 AMC motor that I remember

Goof collection of 8 tracks!

 AMX comparison shots

 Comparison photos
 How unusual... the AM is across the top, and the FM band  is on the bottom. Must have been at that turning  point of history when FM was in demand enough to add to the radio, but not as desired as AM that had better music.

 What a great road trip collection! Coolest set I've ever seen

 I've seen the same hood ornaments on other cars, I wonder if they were generic?

 Machine and Marlin... only in AMC (American Motor Corp) could they decide on cool names... OK, the Marlin flopped, but I like it. Hell, I guess the Machine wasn't a big success either, but damn... it is a great looking car!

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