Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Did the Persian Gulf area watch too many re-runs of the Dukes of Hazzard? What's with all the two wheeling cars?

How can a religious regime like Islam have a jihad against all us fun loving Americans, but revel in acting like hillbillies?

Ummm, as long as I'm offending all Islamic fundamentalist wackos, why is the only infidel country or people they are so offended by, which I heard was anyone not a muslim, why are only people of European ethnicities so offensive?

 I never heard the nut job muslim fundamentalists rant and rave about the Chinese... or the negro Africans (as opposed to the German and British decendant Africans, the causcasians) ... or the Russians?

 Is it because the Chinese won't put up with nonsense and outnumber the total Islamic religion like 4 to 1, China has Nukes, China will invade and kill without warning (ask Taiwan).

 Is it because the Africans will get rabid crazy and let the warlords off the leash? The Somali, Ivory Coast, etc etc ain't afraid of Jack, and spray bullets on a daily basis. Ever seen Blackhawk Down? The US has stayed the hell out of there ever since.

And Russia... took on Afghanistan, and is busting the balls of Chechnya... and has nukes. So why the animosity of the Euro decendant caucasians? 'Cause we're addicted to oil?

Commentor "King of Heartz" felt offended and commented as a ridiculous person would, unintelligibly, and without addressing the national issue I raised. About what I figured.

He wrote the following:
seriously come on what do u know about Islam and jihad u call ur self fun loving Americans who have killed millions in wars to establish democracy(demoncracy)while there are better things than democracy then Iraq what did u find there https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHt6ah-sJoY. anything u found was nothing close to weapons of mass destruction u claimed fun loving haan u I don't want to even swear at u because americans are pathetic powerless idiots mindless too and then u say "why o why do these people hate us"hating u is the least they can do and if they start doing all that what the US has inflicted on the US u will know I am a Pakistani and I live in Qatar i was born here mark my words u will see before the end of 2012 what it means to be an American in the true sense.all those things u brag about like freedom of speech freedom of choice are just illusions,so stop squealing and go watch a movie and don't even write something u don't know about go learn history

Well, I didn't kill, wasn't in a war, I know Islam just got represented by this douchebag,  I never for a second believed or claimed WMDs existed in Iraq, that was the politicians... not car guys. I figure it was so rich people in the war businesses and oil businesses could get richer... and that happened. How this moron can be Pakistai, but claim to be born in Qatar is a contradiction too. Also, I saw what it meant to be an American 5 minutes ago... what makes anyone think that life around me doesn't factually represent American life is something they don't understand... I did learn history, lots of it... did you think all this old car  stuff was the future? No, it's fundamentally HISTORY.

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