Thursday, May 31, 2012

Woodvale Rally 2012 - an update

An official statement from the organisers of this year's Woodvale Rally regarding the change of venue:

A routine site survey at RAF Woodvale has found as of 11am Wednesday, May 30 that asbestos has been discovered at the airfield.

The survey has revealed that World War II buildings, which were demolished and buried have now found their way to the surface and contain asbestos. For health and safety reasons organisers of the Woodvale Rally are relocating the event to Victoria Park with the new dates of Sat and Sun July 28 and 29. 

General Manager Peter Wood said: 

“Although we are disappointed that we are not able to use the airfield after so many years we are more than happy with Victoria Park as a venue. Most attractions will go ahead as usual. The Southport Flower Show committee have been marvellous in accommodating the rally at Victoria Park.

“The 2012 Rally will have the benefit of a town centre location with free bus transport from Chapel Street station and free parking in Princes Park. The 2012 Rally will adapt to the new venue and will provide most of the usual events and attractions.”

Public camping will go ahead and we will contact all people who have already booked.

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